Rover's Start

In 2008, the founder of Spotted Dog Technologies and 30-year veteran of the fire service, Geoffrey Giordano, decided to put his experience as a software developer to work and began creating a notification and response solution that could solve many of the concerns he had about notifying, mobilizing and managing volunteers efficiently. Giordano had been a volunteer firefighter since the age of 14 and had witnessed firsthand how being able to deploy resources to the scene of an incident as quickly as possible can be the difference between a life saved or a life lost. He created the Rover Platform to give the agency’s ability to integrate its computer-aided dispatch system with the latest mobile technology, creating effective two-way communication between dispatchers and responders.

Since its first release as a web and mobile application, Rover has become much more than a software solution that is only utilized by volunteer first responders. The Rover platform is used in the United States, Canada, and Australia, and has proven to be a useful, affordable, and highly-customizable tool for the Fire Service, EMS agencies, HAZMAT agencies, the police force, search and rescue, and even emergency radio stations around the world. Rover was acquired by Emergency Reporting in 2020, and now has the customer support and innovative development power of the global leader in cloud-based reporting and records management software for fire and EMS agencies behind it. Their mission, to empower first responders worldwide with fast and easy-to-use technology that provides the data needed to keep themselves and their communities safe, extends to The Rover platform. Geoffery Giordano is still the lead developer for the Rover product and continues to bring his experience and expertise to the Emergency Reporting development team.

About Emergency Reporting

At Emergency Reporting (ER), our mission is to empower first responders worldwide with fast and easy-to-use technology that provides the data needed to keep themselves and their communities safe. Our Records Management and Reporting Software acts as the centralized ecosystem that powers an agency’s entire operation, from training and events to incident reporting and compliance, to real-time analytics and performance feedback through data. As the pioneer in cloud-based Fire and EMS software, ER has always been the smarter way forward for the Fire Service while also managing to be the most user-friendly solution available. Since 2003, Emergency Reporting has proudly supported over 750,000 first responders through this mission worldwide – including DoD/military installations and large entities such as NASA, nuclear power plants, and hospitals. For more information, visit Emergency Reporting.

Manage Your Entire Department Online with Rover and Emergency Reporting RMS

Did you know you can integrate Rover with Emergency Reporting (ER), the largest cloud-based Fire & EMS records management solution (RMS) in the world? Integrating Rover with Emergency Reporting’s user-friendly records management and reporting solution can help you keep your community safer, increase collaboration through data sharing, and ultimately make the work of data collection and reporting easier for your department. Data from Rover will seamlessly flow into Emergency Reporting, creating a new incident report when a call is received and pre-filling apparatus and response time information.