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Shave Your Response Time

En route turn-by-turn navigation:
Rover provides each responder with visual and audio directions to the scene (or to any map object) through the navigation app of their choice (Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, and more). The Rover map includes pinpointing access to the incident’s location, apparatus, hazards, available hydrants, or other relevant details. No more taking addresses over the radio, and no more typing into navigation systems on the road.

Better Information at Your Fingertips

Rover raises your team’s situational awareness by relaying:
  • Complete incident information such as site details, water sources, and hazard warnings
  • Who else is responding
  • Access to pre-plans and mapped objects such as hydrants and other resources
  • Dispatch updates

Know Your Staffing Before You Leave the Station

Rover provides a quick snapshot of who is responding, where they are on a map, and when they will arrive – so the incident command can make a rapid resource assessment. More effectively deploy your staffing and time your apparatus departures to determine—sooner rather than later—if mutual aid is necessary.
Real, real-time resource tracking with Rover

Do More with Less

As response agencies manage increasing call volumes with often decreasing staffing levels, they need to be better prepared and better organized. The more data you have, the better you can serve.

Increase Safety

Knowing the status of your personnel, apparatus, and the incident improves not only your team’s response but also what matters most: the safety of your people. Rover provides unparalleled situational awareness to every member. Rover’s users are discovering new ways to extend that safety all the time, such as alerting crossing guards of a major response headed toward their intersection.

Communicate Member-to-Member

Rover’s messaging and group alerting allow you to quickly send custom messages to your team such as, “Cancel response,” “All hands,” or “Working fire,” so that everyone is up to date and on the same page.

Manage Your Entire Department Online with Rover & Emergency Reporting RMS

Did you know you can integrate Rover with Emergency Reporting (ER), the largest cloud-based Fire & EMS records management solution (RMS) in the world? Integrating Rover with Emergency Reporting’s user-friendly records management and reporting solution can help you keep your community safer, increase collaboration through data sharing, and ultimately make the work of data collection and reporting easier for your department. Data from Rover will seamlessly flow into Emergency Reporting, creating a new incident report when a call is received and pre-filling apparatus and response time information.

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How Rover is Different

Unlimited Users on Unlimited Devices

Rover is the only cloud-based notification and response platform so unlimited that every volunteer, other responders, and even family members can use it—no more calling home to explain where you are. Whether you want to include family, elected officials, utility staff, or beyond, you control what alerts go to what groups and assign role-based access, so everyone can use Rover to the extent they need.

Geo-Fencing Functionality

“Fence-in” a large address area and create custom alerts specific to that zone—whether to mark a search perimeter, evacuation zone, major event, or other areas of note.

Full Customization

We work with you to configure Rover to meet your agency’s needs, integrating your tools, and using your terminology. We can link to everything you need, such as weather, PowerGrid status, DOT webcams, other public information, ICS Forms, Cameo, and more, directly in the app.

Google & Waze Integration

Responders can get visual and audio turn-by-turn navigation from the app they are most familiar with.

GPS-Geolocation for Real, Real-Time Tracking

Rover’s map shows each responder’s true location and calculated arrival time based on their location, speed, and traffic – not just an average response time estimate, as some other products offer. Minutes matter and Rover gives you the real numbers. Rover also shows what each figure on the map represents, using icons to indicate a firefighter, a responding truck, etc. – not a generic symbol.

Mapped Objects

Configure your map to show building labels, hydrants, Knox Box locations, FDC connections, utility shut-offs, fill sites, and more. Add map objects right in the app on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Supports all Smartphones – & Not-Smart Phones

Rover has all your members covered, even if they can’t put the app on their cell phones. Rover will still send them notifications, with an option to use text, email, or call a designated 1-800 toll-free number to indicate their response. That response will enter Rover’s system so the member shows up like everyone else.

Fully Customizable

We will work with you to customize Rover to meet the needs of your department, with the terminology your team is most familiar with.

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