Murrysville medic 1 patch


Client: Murrysville Medic One

Category: EMS

Murrysville Medic One is a non-profit organization that provides emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation and patient care to the residents of its first due response area, which is about 95 sq. mi. of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. In addition to the routine EMS work, Murrysville Medic One provides wheelchair van transportation, rescue service, swift water, and underwater search and recovery, and wilderness SAR work. They have about a 25,000 annual call volume.

Prior to using Rover’s cloud-based notification and response platform, Murrysville Medic One used a program called ECM. According to J. Darrick Gerano, the Administrative Director at Murrysville Medic One, they initially thought ECM had some great ideas and planned future programs that really caught their attention. “After a short time of using it, however, we realized that the program was not progressing and definitely did not have the interest of EMS in mind,” Gerano said. Once they recognized the limited growth and no interest in the needs of EMS, they made the switch to Rover.

Gerano shared his thoughts on how Rover has been serving their agency: “Your program has been very stable and easy to use,” Gerano says. The reliable mapping is getting our crews to the scene expeditiously, and we are seeing shorter response times.”

He added, “Now this year with COVID-19, we are able to see the screening through the CAD at the 911 center, which is alerting our crews earlier. The amount of information shared from the CAD is exactly what we need.”

When asked to name his favorite aspect(s) of Rover, Gerano said: “The ease of use and the solid platform and the fact that it’s very easy to set up additional units.”

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