Without Rover, myself and the officers would not be able to get a quick picture of who is responding to the emergency. Sometimes we have to make a quick decision—if we see there is limited manpower responding, we can get mutual aid dispatched more quickly.

MARK WORSMAN, Fire ChiefNew Hartford Fire, NY

The overall impact of Rover is having better information at your fingertips without having to ask. The graphic position of hydrants on a map by the alarm location has been a huge help to responding engines. The days of having to memorize that information or laying in from a bad location are gone.

JEFF THOMAS, PresidentAbsecon City Fire Company #1, NJ

I depend on Rover to let me know who is coming to the station so I know my staffing before leaving the station—there is nothing worse than leaving the station by yourself or with a minimum crew, wishing you had a better crew on board and then finding out when you get back to the station that others arrived after you departed to the scene. Rover provides me with a digital view of the dispatch and who is responding from my department as well as from mutual aid departments.

SCOTT SCHMALINGStepney Volunteer Fire Co No. 1, CT